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How It Works

Glacier Teeth Whitening gel, enhanced with cold light technology (LED), penetrates the tooth surface offering a safe and effective whitening treatment. How it works is quick and easy. It is a simple 3 step process. Dentist and Dental Hygienist approved, you can relax and smile confidently knowing that Glacier Whitening has been thoroughly tested and extensively researched. Be Bold. Be Confident. Feel Inspired. Anytime. Anyplace. That’s Glacier.

Brush or Rinse

Rinse or Brush your teeth before use!

Brushing and rinsing cleans your teeth removing tartar, plaque, and bacteria making your teeth whitening more effective! Get those pesky germs out of there!


Rotate the bottom of the Glacier Whitening pen until you see gel on the brush. Then use the brush to gentlyapplythe gel onto your teeth.Sensitive teeth or gums?No worries. Our whitening gel has been formulated by Dentists to be safe for sensitive teeth!

Plug in & SMILE!

Plug in your LED mouthpiece to your phone and simply press the on button. Studies show that having it in 15 mins whitens teeth more effectively! The built in automatic timer will turn off the blue light when your whitening is complete. ThenSMILE!