How using Glacier Teeth Whitening leads to a successful interview

on December 12, 2019

Nothing conveys confidence more effectively, than a bold, bright smile. A great smile can land the job offer from pre- to post interview. “A great smile projects a radiant, energetic attitude that recruiters and hiring managers love,” according to job search expert, Will Wegert of Cold Collar. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident with your smile.

Good teeth can also reflect how well you take care of yourself. Clean white teeth can indicate that you take pride in your personal appearance, which may reflect how well you’ll perform on the job. On the other hand, studies also indicate that you may refrain from smiling if you’re feeling self conscious about your teeth. Dental professionals report there is a link between poor oral health and low self esteem. If an interviewer notices your confidence falter, they are less likely to offer you a position on the team. Walk into your next interview prepared and armed with a great smile.

A smile reflects a positive attitude and outlook on life. It can show a side of honesty, charisma and authenticity that interviewers are craving more and more. Most importantly it will put you at ease and give you the confidence you deserve!

A COO of a major hospital system once told me, “I look for someone that comes into the interview who is genuine, confident, passionate and positive…those are things you just can’t teach, those are qualities obtained.” Walk in with your best foot forward. Walk in to your work or interview Bold and Confident. Walk in with your best smile.

Trust Glacier Teeth Whitening to help you land your next gig. In just 15 minutes anytime, anyplace you can whiten your teeth using our tested Glacier Teeth Whitening System.

Whether you’re on your way to the first interview or you’re going to meet with your boss about a promotion, trust Glacier Teeth Whitening. We can whiten your smile and give you the confidence you deserve. Anytime, Anyplace.

Go get ‘em!